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July 20, 2018

Central Plains Co-op is a dynamic, Saskatchewan based business that is deeply woven into the fabric of West Central Saskatchewan. We support your community. Whether it is through donations to various groups and organizations, or through investments in buildings, equipment, infrastructure and our people, Central Plains Co-op puts the profits that it earns back into the communities we serve. We are extremely proud of this.

In addition, if your co-operative earns a profit, you as a member share in those profits. From 2012 to 2018, Central Plains Co-op has paid back over $9 million in equity to our members while at the same time, investing $10.7 million in new facilities and equipment to help increase the level of service to our members. Your Co-op is committed to providing modern, clean facilities for your shopping experience and will continue to re-invest in our assets, thereby, helping to keep our communities vibrant.

Our profits are your profits

A co-op is a business that is community owned and locally controlled by members just like you. On the surface, a co-op looks like any other local business; however, unlike other businesses, Central Plains Co-op is owned by over 7,500 local members.

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A portion of the earnings returned will be in cash and a portion will be credited to your equity account. In either case, the money stays in your community. The minimum General Cash Repayment cheque issued is $10. Uncashed cheques are cancelled after six months and the equity is then returned to the members’ equity accounts.

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