2024 Spring Oil Sale
February 26, 2024

Central Plains Co-op is committed to providing premium lubricant products with exceptional quality and manufacturing assurance – with the added bonus of being competitively priced.

As part of that commitment, Co-op is offering total farm protection with the opportunity to save on CO-OP® Premium Lubricants. Save on D-MO® and T-HF from Feb. 12 to April 30, 2024.

Co-op Premium Lubricants are blended right here in Western Canada and are designed to fit the needs of our customers. Featuring a mixture of carefully selected base oils and rigorously tested performance additives, Co-op Premium Lubricants meet or exceed industry and Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) performance specifications. This ensures optimal Performance and Protection: That’s Our Guarantee.

Co-op offers a full range of lubricant products that are backed by the Co-op Oil Guarantee. For a complete list of the Co-op Premium Lubricant products, please refer to the technical data sheets at www.fuel.crs.

Contact our fuel team for more details:

Rosetown: 306.882.2608

Landis: 306.658.2234

Plenty: 306.932.1214

Perdue: 306.237.4639